The Art of Practical Spirituality

How to Bring More Passion, Creativity and Balance into Everyday life

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
and Patricia R. Spadaro

“Highly inspirational and divinely readable. The Art of Practical Spirituality is modern medicine for the eternal soul.”
—Dannion Brinkley, New York Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light

This commonsense guide offers practical steps for staying in tune with Spirit midst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, for listening to the still small voice within, and for living in the here and now. The keys to practical spirituality explored here, gleaned from the ancient wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, also show how to discover your soul’s core passion, create a sacred space, and use every encounter and circumstance as an opportunity to grow.

4 x 6 • 102/152mm • 160 PP • $8.95 • ISBN 978-0-922729-55-5

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