The Word, Volume 3

Mystical Revelations of Jesus Christ through his Two Witnesses

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Jesus Christ is the avatar of the ages—the same yesterday, today and forever. We knew him when he walked the streets of Atlantis and Lemuria. We also knew him in eras of darkness, when he sought to lead men to the light.
His message did not begin with the Bible, nor did it end with the Book of Revelation. He has never stopped speaking to his own.
Two thousand years ago, he foretold a time of tribulation—the end of an age. That time has come. It is the era when the mystery of God should be finished, when the Two Witnesses should prophesy “a thousand two hundred and three- score days.”
And so Jesus once more delivers his Word to a world in transition. As always, the message is one of judgment to the fallen angels, admonishment to those who would walk in the light, hope for all who are striving on the path, and the vision of a golden age to come.


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