The Class of the Golden Cycle

Now is the time to become an adept


October 14, 1991 was a moment in cosmic history. The ascended master Saint Germain announced the release of a golden cycle of light from the Great Central Sun—“a spiral… that shall affect all evolu- tions of the matter cosmos according to the cycle of their individual worlds and planes.”
This cycle is a gift of the quickening of your crown chakra, making available a wisdom intended to propel you and the planet into a self-transcend- ing golden age. The question is, how will you mani- fest the gift today and tomorrow? The ascended masters’ dictations at that conference gave many keys to unlock that wisdom, and you will find all their discourses published in this volume.
Enter the ongoing spiral of the golden cycle from the sun. May it lead you all the way Home.

6×9  • 198 PP • $11.95 • ISBN 978-1-60988-426-0