Secrets of the Golden Age Prince

Francis Bacon

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

In the heart of Elizabethan England, a great mystery unfolds.
As Paracelsus prophesied, a bright star appeared in the heavens and a genius rose to end a dark age.
Was Francis Bacon the mind behind the Shakespeare plays?
Was he the brilliant hidden son of the Virgin Queen?
Under constant threats against his life, Francis cultivated the English Renaissance, sponsored a hidden circle of authors, and recreated the sciences. His philosophy fueled a revolution against tyranny.
He dared to inaugurate the illumination of the whole wide world. Secrets of the Golden Age Prince reveals the truth behind royal intrigue, hidden identities, and an amazing spiritual revelation.
Enter a world of dangerous secrets, heroic brotherhood, and enduring love for humanity, still ongoing. Discover the living enigma of Francis, a spiritual alchemist, an adept, and an immortal master for our time.


6 x 9  • 152/229 mm • 232 PP • $21.95 • ISBN 978-1-60988-438-3