Reality of Your Ascension

Teachings of Serapis Bey


The ascension is the goal of life. In fact it is the culmination of many lifetimes of soul evolution and balancing karma. But what is the ascension? is it something that just happens because you lead a good life? Is it a miraculous transition. like Elijah’s chariot of fire? Or is it a goal that must be sought and won?

In Reality of Your Ascension, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores these and many other mysteries of the path of the ascension. Most importantly, she introduces us to Serapis Bey and other masters of the ascension flame – those who have walked that path before us. they present a practical and transcendent wisdom for all who seek the ultimate goal.

Let the inner door of your Ascension Temple be opened in this age so the Brotherhood of Luxor can bid you enter. Dare to cross the threshold into an experience of reality beyond imagination.

4.5 x 8.5  • 304 PP • $19.95 • ISBN 978-1-60988-416-1