How to Work with Nature Spirits

Bringing Balance to the Earth in Times of Environmental Change

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Nature spirits, also known as elementals, are the unseen helpers who lovingly tend the elements of earth, air, fire, and water in Earth’s biosphere. Given the weight of world karma, the burden of humankind’s negative thoughts, words and deeds, and the high levels of pollution and ecological imbalance in the world today, the nature spirits desperately need our help. In this time of environmental change, it will take renewed cooperation between the human race and the nature spirits to restore balance to Mother Earth. This inspiring book provides practical spiritual tools to restore harmony to the environment, mitigate extreme weather conditions, and return Earth to its original pristine beauty.

4 x 6 • 102/152mm • 144 PP • 11.95 • ISBN 978-1-60988-321-8