Meeting the Masters

Sacred Adventure Series 2

by Mark L Prophet • Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The physical world in which we live represents only a small slice of a broad spectrum of being—from the realm of the humblest nature spirits to that of the most exalted archangels. This second book in the Sacred Adventure series describes the presence of masterful spiritual beings just beyond the veil. Learn from them how to embody the divine qualities of power, wisdom and love as you explore the hidden dimensions of life in chapters on our teeming cosmos, the strength of divine will, soul travel, the brilliance of divine wisdom, the angelic kingdom, the comfort of divine love, and the threefold flame in the heart.

8×10 • 203/254mm • 292 PP • $31.95 • ISBN 978-1-60988-299-0

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Book: Dutch, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.