The Lost Years of Jesus

Documentary Evidence of Jesus’ 17-year Journey to the East

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“Reads like a detective thriller! It picks you up and never lets go of you.”
—Jess Stearn, bestselling author of Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet

“Well-written and provocative. The research was not only thorough and accurate but very, very careful.”
—Robert S. Ravicz, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, California State University, Northridge

Ancient texts reveal that Jesus spent 17 years in the Orient. They say that from age 13 to age 29, Jesus traveled to India, Nepal, Ladakh and Tibet as both student and teacher. For the first time, Elizabeth Clare Prophet brings together the testimony of four eyewitnesses—and three variant translations—of these remarkable documents. She tells the intriguing story of how Russian journalist Nicolas Notovitch discovered the manuscripts in 1887 in a monastery in Ladakh. Critics “proved” they did not exist—then three distinguished scholars and educators rediscovered them in the twentieth century. Now you can read for yourself what Jesus said and did prior to his Palestinian mission. It’s one of the most revolutionary messages of our time.

5½ x 8½ • 140/216mm • 432 PP • $19.95 • ISBN 978-1-60988-288-4

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