Initiations of the Heart

Teachings from the Mystery School 

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Did our hearts not burn within us… 

The mystics have always known that the heart is the most important center of consciousness. We can gain visions through the third eye, enlightenment through the crown. But the true fount of cosmic consciousness is always the heart. How do we develop our heart—the chakra of Divine Love? How can we increase the fire of the heart? How can we expand the threefold flame, the very source of Life within us? 

Within Initiations of the Heart, the ascended masters reveal the mysteries of the heart. Most importantly, as we enter into their Word, each one offers a transfer of light—a unique initiation of the heart. 

 The apostles felt the fire of the heart in their encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus. May you also experience that fire through your encounter with the masters in this age.