Archangel Michael

Improve Your Life with the Help of Archangel Michael


In today’s challenging world, we need Archangel Michael now more than ever. Revered in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, this powerful archangel can protect you and your loved ones in times of turmoil or uncertainty. All you need to know is how to ask for his help. This handbook to working with the “Prince of the Archangels” includes sections on his gifts of courage and faith, true stories of his intercession, keys to invoking heavenly assistance, and valuable tips on building a strong relationship with Archangel Michael and making him an integral part of your life.

4 x 6 • 102/152mm • 144 PP • $9.95 • ISBN 978-1-60988-301-0

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Ebook: Danish
Book: Danish, French,  German, Icelandic, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Spanish, Turkish